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No 1-3-5 between  Darren Clarke and Tiger Woods!!

John Hoskison has been a member of the British PGA for thirty years.  He is a former member of the European Tour and has played with many world class golfers. He has also written over 300 articles about the golf swing!  

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  • John has won Over 100 Tournaments Worldwide
  • Won the 1992 European PGA Professional Championships
  • Represented Europe in PGA Cup Matches v USA
  • Golf Instruction Panalist for Golf Monthly
  • Current Golf Feature Writer for Suite101
  • Occasionally Plays the European Seniors Tour 

John Hoskison Golf Books

John has written four bestselling golf books.  A Swing You Can Trust is regarded as a one of the best golf  books available.  It explains the golf swing in a unique way using analogies to explain the mechanics of the swing, and simple to understand exercises to groove it.   

From the grip to the finish position, John coaches using humor and unique analogies to explain how the golf swing works, and how to build a swing you can trust.

"John taught himself a great swing and knows as much about golf as anyone I've met.  This is a must read book." Nick Mitchell  - Former European Tour PGA Player

"I went to John for the usual stuff; head in hands, not knowing what shot was coming next. John kept it simple… got me back enjoying my golf again."   
Mick Fitzgerald - TV Sports Presenter - National Hunt Jockey.

 "John has very good technique and is a great student of the game. He always told me 'simple is best'." 
Andrew Murray - European PGA Tour - 1989 European Open Champion. 

"We used to be out there trying to squeeze one down the fairway but John Hoskison would stand up and blast one down the middle as if no trouble existed.  We called him the 'Toy Cannon'." 
Pete Oakley - 2004 Senior British Open Champion

Buy the book from only £1.99

A Swing You Can Trust - Amazon UK

A Swing You Can Trust - Amazon US

A Swing You Can Trust - itunes UK

A Swing You Can Trust - itunes - US

Shooting Lower Scores - Simple Tips to Save Shots

Shooting Lower Scores concentrates on how to maximize your scoring potential.  It discusses the safe tee shot, club selection, bunker shots and putting.  This is a book about tactics that will help you shoot your handicap more regularly.

Shooting Lower Scores - Amazon UK

Shooting Lower Scores - Amazon US

Shooting Lower Scores - itunes UK

Shooting Lower Scores - itunes US  

Pair this with John Hoskison's other book "A golf swing you can trust" and you have two superb books on the swing, and how to go about REALLY using it effectively. There are so many books that get bogged down in detail, drills etc and miss the fundamentals - low scoring is how you think your way around the golf course! Read this and use some of John's insight and you're on the right track to bring those scores down!
Your Short Game Silver Bullet

Imagine how many shots you could save if you could chip and pitch like a pro? 

Your Short Game Silver Bullet describes the missing link between the chipping and pitching technique of a struggling amateur and that of a short game magician.  And there is a missing link - a Silver Bullet which the top pros have inherited from their younger days.  This book will help train your hands to release the club at precisely the right time for control, trajectory and spin.

Transform your short game and your long game with twelve simple exercises that take no more than ten minutes a day. You can even do them at home or in the office! Practice these drills for enhanced club head control and you will be able to strike chip shots with authority, and land the ball where you want. If your hands are trained to square up the blade at impact, it will help your short game and your driving off the tee. Educated hands can make any swing work.

Interspersed with the exercises, John shares short and insightful stories about competing alongside some of the world's top players, including golfing legends Seve Ballesteros, Mac O'Grady and Ryder Cup Captain Lanny Wadkins.

Join former European PGA Tour Player and champion golfer John Hoskison as he presents his proven 'silver bullet' for club head control--the missing link between suspect short game technique and a chipping and pitching action that really works. 



  1. Dear John,
    Somehow I ended up @ the golf -101suite- site. After reading a half page of your golf swing tips I became fascinated the about the tips and the way your explain these. I am an amateur golfer, seriously trying improving my swing to my personal perfection by reading everything I can get my hands on, and systematically adjusting me swing. Most literature I have red, was never ever as intriguing and complete as your tips/instruction. Bravo !
    You got the X factor in written swing instructions, so I could imagine that personal instructions would even be -the end-. The most and best I liked is mentioning "in given time".....even more as I am lightly disabled (CVA)
    Please, keep feeding us with instructions it really adds value... I will inform as many golf lovers about you... as I can.
    Harry Knuth,
    a no handicapper in the south of the Netherlands.

    1. Hi Harry, Good to hear from you and that you like the instruction. I hope the weather is better over there than it is here! It'll be tough at the Open tomorrow - I see the rough is really thick and wet after all the rain we've been having. Whoever wins will have to keep the ball in play. They'd better read my article how to hit straight drives!
      Keep well and keep in touch!