Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Drill to Stop an Over the Top Swing

When a golfer slices a shot the shoulders spin open too much on the downswing which causes the club to attack the ball from the outside. When the shoulders spin open a chain reaction is set in motion that affects the rest of the body, in particular the hips and legs. The momentum of the shoulders opening pulls the right hip out which in turn pulls the right leg out which makes the golfer finish in the classic position of someone who habitually slices the ball.

Right Leg Drill to Stop Over the Top Golf Swing

If a golfer has already tried to cure their slice by working on the correct shoulder move on the downswing, but they are still slicing, try this drill to help bring the club down on the inside for a draw.

Take up your normal stance but before hitting the ball drag the right foot back about twelve inches. It will look as though the feet are aiming miles right but the shoulders should still be aiming at the target - now start to hit a few shots.

The drill works by anchoring the right foot which makes it virtually impossible for the leg to be pulled out and round. This in turn disciplines the right hip to stay back, which in turn stops the shoulders from spinning open.

It might take a few hits before the hands realise they must release the club, but after a few short practice sessions, the shoulders will stop spinning open and the downswing will start to attack the ball from the inside.

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