Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Drill to Hit Straight Golf Drives - Swing Tips: Hit the Driver Longer and Straighter - Golf Swing Driver Drill Tips

Drill to Hit Straight Golf Drives 

John is also author of the book 'A Swing You Can Trust' which explains the golf swing in a unique and fascination way.  You can find the book on Amazon by clicking on the picture below. 

A Golf Swing You Can Trust is an original work by John Hoskison, a deep-thinking PGA player and teacher. Inside, John reveals how, after years of slicing, he went from the worst player on tour to the National PGA Professional Champion by using these simple techniques. 

From the grip to the finish position, John coaches using humor and unique analogies to explain how the golf swing works, and how to build a swing you can trust.

"John taught himself a great swing and knows as much about golf as anyone I've met.  This is a must read book." Nick Mitchell  - Former European Tour PGA Player.

"I went to John for the usual stuff; head in hands, not knowing what shot was coming next. John kept it simple… got me back enjoying my golf again."   
Mick Fitzgerald - TV Sports Presenter - National Hunt Jockey.

"John has very good technique and is a great student of the game. He always told me 'simple is best'." 
Andrew Murray - European PGA Tour - 1989 European Open Champion.

"We used to be out there trying to squeeze one down the fiarway but John Hoskison would stand up and blast one down the middle as if no trouble existed.  We called him the 'Toy Cannon'." 
Pete Oakley - 2004 Senior British Open Champion

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