Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Swing Plane Tips to Hit a Draw

Flatten Swing Plane to Hit a Draw

Many golfers know that their swing plane on the downswing is either too steep from the outside or too flat from the inside resulting in unwanted hooks and slices. There are complicated moves and positions a golfer can practice to eradicate these, but there is also a much simpler way to make the downswing flatter or steeper. Altering the club head position at address can have a dramatic effect on the plane of the downswing.

Flatten the Downswing Plane to Hit a Draw

In an orthodox swing the sweet spot of the club head would be opposite the ball in the address position. But if a golfer normally starts the downswing with the shoulders, and throws the club onto the outside, there is a simple change at address a golfer can make to naturally flatten the downswing onto the inside.

At address instead of having the club directly opposite the ball, to hit a draw adjust the stance so the ball is opposite the heel of the club. From this position when a golfer gets to the top of the backswing instinctively they know they have to flatten the swing plane to hit the ball. Instead of the shoulders starting the downswing the golfer will let the arms drop the club down onto the inside to correct the fault they have set up at address. The more the ball is positioned out of the heel, the more the golfer will have to flatten the downswing. This is a simple change and one that happens instinctively. Just swing away and let the downswing take care of itself.

Tips on How to Hit a Fade

The principle of adjusting the ball position to hit a fade is similar. By addressing the ball out of the toe of the club the golfer will instinctively make the downswing steeper by starting the downswing with the shoulders. This applies to both woods and irons.

Experiment to Find the Correct Ball Position

As in all swing changes the more a golfer can exaggerate in practice the quicker they will become used to the new ’feel’. Try a few practice swings before you hit balls at the range and be willing to exaggerate.

If you want to practice a draw swing find a daisy on the ground and stand with the club six inches past it, even further away than out of the heel. From the top of the backswing feel how the body has to work differently to drop the club onto the inside to flatten the plane. Conversely if you want to practice a fade swing stand with the club this side of the daisy.
Adjusting the ball position relative to the sweet spot on the club can have a dramatic effect on the downswing plane.

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