Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stance Tips for a Smooth Relaxed Swing

Looking at the Target can Make you Tense

When facing a tough shot on the course many golfers change their normal routine. Instead of having a couple of glances at the target when about to hit a difficult shot, many club golfers start to look at the target more than normal just before they swing. This however leads to added tension and makes it more difficult to release the club naturally.

Generally, the wider the target area the more relaxed a golfer swings the club. And it is a relaxed, well-timed swing, that hits the ball straight. Become too fixated with the target and the body starts to become tense. Look too hard at the target and a golfer is liable to try to take control and steer the ball, which normally ends in disaster.

Next time you face a tough shot on the course try to stick to your normal routine. If you usually have two glances at the target, stick to that and avoid having that extra glance that only reinforces how hard the shot is. Hitting good shots on the course is easier when the body remains in a relaxed state and the release of the club is natural.

On the range, when you warm up, pay more attention to the routine you use that allows you to swing most freely, and then discipline yourself to continue that routine on the course.

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