Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hip Turn in Golf Swing

Most top pros limit their hip turn on the backswing to build as much torque as possible, but there are certain movements in the swing that pros can manage but club golfers struggle with. Limiting hip turn is one swing tip best left to athletic top pros.
As an example to show that some skills are best left alone, imagine someone decided they needed to relax more and went to the shops to buy a magazine on Yoga. Inside there could well be an article on a famous Yogi who says he finds enlightenment and deep relaxation by meditating in the lotus position for half an hour each evening. There would probably be a photo of him a sitting on crossed legs.

Although this position clearly works for the dedicated yogi, who’s probably practiced the position since birth, imagine if our magazine buyer sat down and tried to fit himself into the same position. If he managed to interlock the legs, it’s probable he’d sit in excruciating pain for half an hour and be unable to walk afterwards.

Restricting hip turn is something left to top pros who have incredible flexibility and strength. Without daily training, if a club golfer tried to limit hip turn on the backswing, they would either strain the back or simply not complete a shoulder turn.
A good hip turn promotes a good shoulder turn which should be the number one priority for all golfers. Allow the hips to turn freely, just stop body weight shifting onto the outside of the right foot on the backswing.

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