Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Drill for Downswing Plane

A golf swing that hits the ball consistently straight and long has to be simple and easy to repeat, and the simplest possible golf swing is one that travels up and down on the same line and in the same plane. If a golfer needs to make adjustments to the downswing plane both power and accuracy are lost and it becomes very difficult to hit crisp irons and long drives. Follow these simple drill tips to see what an accurate and powerful golf swing should ‘feel’ like.

Golf Swing Tips and Drill for Downswing

If golf were played from the half way back position it would be a much simpler game. All the golfer would have to do is pump the arms up and down like a piston and then just time the release at impact where the ball is.

However, golf is a difficult game because the plane of the swing has to be located during the back swing when the club is travelling at speed. Most golfers find this very difficult to carry out accurately and halfway back the club is often out of position. As a result at the top of the backswing the plane of most golfers becomes either too flat or upright. To feel the golf swing in it’s simplest where the club travels up and down in a ‘slot’ carry out this simple drill.

Golf Swing Drill to Feel the Plane of Backswing and Downswing

Stand in the address position and without moving your arms rotate your wrists back through approximately 90 degrees until the club is parallel to the target, this sets the club in plane.
From this position pump the arms up to the top of the backswing and then back down again like a piston. Once you are used to the ‘feel’ you can try hitting some balls with this drill.
This is a simple drill to ‘feel’ the correct arm action of a good swing where there is no necessity to make complicated adjustments on the downswing.
The key to hitting crisp irons shots and long straight drives is to find a swing that feels similar to this practice drill.

Longer Drives and Crisp Iron Shots

Practicing this simple up and down drill will have many benefits.
Firstly it is a great exercise to build up the important muscles in your left arm.
It allows the arms to ‘feel’ the essence of a simple swing, which should then be indoctrinated in the normal action.
Many great players have practiced this drill including Nick Faldo and Tom Watson who both practiced pumping the arms up and down endlessly to groove the plane of the swing.

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